February 9, 2023


we will never forget

An Execution in Hadrut

BellingCat by Nick Waters

Despite a recent Russian-mediated ceasefire, fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces still rages in Nagorno-Karabakh. The fighting, which began on September 27, has since escalated into a full-scale war. It is the most serious, and the most deadly, spate of violence since the 1988-1994 war, which resulted in Karabakh Armenian control of this South Caucasus territory.

The Azerbaijani military has launched attacks across the front line, with particular focus on flat terrain in the South of Nagorno-Karabakh. One town in this area is Hadrut, which is now connected with one of the most disturbing pieces of footage to have emerged from the conflict so far.

On October 15, two videos began circulating on Azerbaijani Telegram channels. We examined them and identified that the first shows the apparent capture of two Armenians by Azerbaijani soldiers. The second video showed the summary execution of what appeared to be the same two men.

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