March 23, 2023


we will never forget

10 accomplices in genocide

Ten deputies and senators asked the President of the Republic to intervene at the UN on behalf of Azerbaijan in the conflict with Armenia.

If it is a personal initiative, it shows their incompetence in geopolitics … if not, it just shows that they are acting under the orders of a foreign country …
We let you be the judge …

Here are the names of the culprits:

Jean-Francois Mancel, député
André Reichardt, sénateur
Nathalie Goulet, sénatrice
Sylvie Goy-Chavent, sénatrice
Jean-Marie Bockel, ancien ministre, Sénateur
Christian Namy, sénateur
Jean-Luc Reitzer, député
Jerôme Lambert, député
Jerôme Bignon, sénateur
Rachida Dati, ancienne ministre, députée européenne