March 24, 2023


we will never forget

Julfa – History of Armenian khachkars destruction by Azerbaijan

Film by “Research on Armenian Architecture”

The film shows history of Armenian city and cemetery of Julfa or Jugha, currently known as Old Jugha. The city had up to 10,000 khachkar (cross-stones) cemetery, included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Since 1921 Nakhichevan, where the city was located was included in newly founded Azerbaijan by Soviet official. Since late 1990s destruction of the cemetery started by Azerbaijan, ended in 2005, when the khachkar field was completely bulldozed.

Up today UNESCO didn’t make a single statement condemning Azerbaijan. Up today UNESCO officials usually visit Azerbaijan and granted prizes and medals from Azerbaijani official for building strong ties between UNESCO and Azerbaijan. The cemetery is still included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.