November 29, 2023


we will never forget

When truth was in SchoolBooks

This is a textbook on the history of Azerbaijan for grades 7-8. The textbook was published by the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan SSR in 1972. This textbook is a striking example of the recognized history in Azerbaijan before the beginning of the state policy of falsification in the 1980s. And here is what we read in this textbook, here are some excerpts:

đź’˘ Karabakh and Mil steppe in ancient times were Armenian lands and were under the control of Armenian kings.

đź’˘ Although Caucasian Albania adopted Christianity, Albanians themselves, for the most part, did not become Christians, but remained pagans until the adoption of Islam in the 7th century. Unlike the areas that were under the rule of Armenian kings and where Armenians lived – Nagorno-Karabakh and, in part, the plain near the Kura.

đź’˘ Karabakh dialect of the Armenian language was formed 2 thousand years ago.